Functional Rehabilitation – A patient’s guide

At Functional Health, we focus on positive outcomes so you can regain strength, be pain-free and live actively to your full potential. Dr. Chris Wawrzyniak specializes in functional rehabilitation techniques to address your symptoms or needs.

What is Functional Rehabilitation and training?

Functional rehabilitation uses controlled movements targeting an area of weakness or dysfunction. By working on strength, condition and coordination, functional training and rehabilitation Dr. Chris works to enhance the relationship between the nervous and muscular systems.

Key components of functional rehabilitation:

  • Conditioning - Manipulating the body to allow a patent to associate a desired behavior with a specific physical activity, this creates new muscle memory
  • Coordination -Training muscles to work together in executing specific movements
  • Strength - Applying high force against a heavy resistance which increases patients’ stamina

Ultimately, you will feel better as your body’s mind and muscle “collaborate” through training and chiropractic care.

Who can benefit?

  • Athletes – Whether injured on the field at CrossFit, another gym or just feeling the strain from exerting your muscles in hard training, these techniques are specially designed to help keep you on track to success
  • Work-related Repetitive Injuries and Dysfunction Learning how to sit, bend, lift or whatever your job requires, we teach you how to break the patterns that tax your muscular systems and manipulate your areas of pain
  • People Victims Accidents –Had a car accident, or injured yourself around the house, we take a specialized approach to your recovery

By combining chiropractic methods, we offer physical therapies tailored to you. We use biomechanics to address your physical pain and improve outcomes. Call 908-722-0500 to book an appointment.